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Aztoré Capital Corp. (“Aztoré Capital”), dba Visitalk Capital Corporation, was organized in January 2001 as a Nevada corporation to succeed to the business and a majority of the assets of, Inc. (“Visitalk”) under Visitalk’s Chapter 11 Reorganization Plan (the “Visitalk Plan”).  We could also be considered the successor to the business of Aztoré Holdings, Inc. (“Aztoré Holdings”), our largest shareholder until the August 2012 acquisitions of Aztoré Holdings and others, and Bulldog Investment Company, L.L.C. (“Bulldog”) which preceded Aztoré Holdings. Aztoré Holdings was active between 1996 and 2004 and Bulldog was active between 1993 through 1995. 


Upon confirmation of the Visitalk Plan in September 2004 and the Court approved merger of Visitalk into Aztoré Capital, we began to operate as a non-diversified, closed-end, management investment company.  We have several hundred holders of our common stock and warrants.  Because of our bankruptcy antecedents, even though we have more than 100 shareholders, we can operate as an “exempt” investment company.  This means that we are exempt from regulation under the Investment Company Act of 1940 (the “40 Act”).  This exemption allows us to “mark to market” our investment portfolio as an investment company, yet does not constrain our concentration in any single investment or subject us to other complex regulatory restrictions and reporting requirements of the 40 Act.


We deploy creative and active merchant banking and financial advisory services using our own resources.  We also act as an investment banker for our portfolio companies assisting them in raising money from third parties.  Through our consulting division, we provide managerial, financial and operational consulting to companies in both emerging growth situations and in complex troubled-company situations.  We are specialists in bankruptcy reorganizations, bridge financing, “seed” funding and merger and acquisition activities.  Our primary targets are public companies or companies committed to an early public offering.