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    Aztoré Capital Corp. was organized in January 2001 as a Nevada corporation. In September 2004, we started operating as a non-diversified, closed-end, management Investment Company from our office in Phoenix, Arizona. We have several hundred holders of our common stock and warrants. Although our common stock is not yet trading, we believe that due to exemptions related to the issuance of these securities, the securities held by all but the company's controlling shareholders are freely transferable without further registration. Our portfolio would be considered very speculative.

    To meet our shareholders' investment objectives, we expect to deploy creative and active merchant banking and financial advisory services using our own resources. We also act as an investment banker for our portfolio companies, assisting them in raising money from third parties. Through our consulting division, we provide managerial, financial and operational consulting to companies in both emerging growth situations and in complex troubled-company situations.

    Aztoré is the formal reorganized debtor of, Inc., which exited Chapter 11 in August, 2004. In September 2004, when the reorganization became effective, we owned a controlling interest in the original 18 Operating Subsidiaries. As of June 2013, we still control five. A principal component of our business plan is to employ each Operating Subsidiary’s equity to attract both capital and management talent. In this process, our original, controlling, interest in each of the Operating Subsidiaries will be diluted; this will likely result in Aztoré only holding minority investments in its Operating Subsidiaries. Such companies and companies where we have made new minority investments or loans are referred to as “Portfolio Company(ies)”. As this course of action is followed, we will ultimately become a non-diversified, closed-end, management investment company. We also perform consulting and advisory services for our Operating Subsidiaries and other Portfolio Companies.

    Because of the objectives of our business plan, we maintain and develop our Operating Subsidiaries but conduct our business primarily as an investment company. Even though a majority of our income is from non-controlled investments, and we have more than 100 shareholders, we are exempt from regulation under the Investment Company Act of 1940 (the “40 Act”). The 40 Act provides an exemption for companies reorganized in bankruptcy that were not investment companies before the reorganization, where all of the securities distributed under a bankruptcy plan were issued to claimants under such plan, and where such companies had certain ownership concentrations immediately after the reorganization was approved. To maintain this exemption, we must refrain from selling additional securities through a public offering and maintain certain ownership concentrations.

    Our primary investment objective is to achieve capital appreciation of our assets, rather than current income, by making investments in, and providing managerial assistance to, emerging and established companies that we believe offer significant potential for growth. We are compensated for our investments and management services by various periodic or project fees, common or preferred equity interests, interest (in the case of debt), dividends, convertibility features of debt and equity, warrants and contingent profit sharing agreements. We target our investments to public companies, but generally those with limited market following such as our Operating Subsidiaries or our Portfolio Companies, private companies which are committed to becoming public, or companies in very extended financial condition, up to and including bankruptcy. We are specialists in bankruptcy reorganizations, bridge financing, "seed" funding and merger and acquisition activities. We have numerous transactions under evaluation.

    More detailed information regarding our business operations is available under the links in the left sidebar.