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    Our primary investment objective is to achieve capital appreciation of our Equity Participations, rather than current income. We believe that our investment strategy can produce dramatic rates of return. We also believe that there are a sufficient number of potential investment opportunities available to enable us to achieve our investment objective.

    Investment strategies. We believe we will achieve our investment objective by targeting either (i) our current Portfolio Companies, (ii) companies which we believe will grow rapidly and are committed to a merger with a public company or other public offering as soon as feasible or (iii) companies that are financially extended but which are in the process of turning around and require formal or informal restructuring. By focusing on public or soon-to-be public companies or requiring mergers with public companies, we believe we can efficiently "harvest" our gains and be in a position to reinvest our gains in our transactions. We expect to have equity participations as a component to almost all investments.